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Synthetic ice rink information and specifications

Rectangular, Circular, FreeForm, actually virtually any shape.

Synthetic Ice Material Specifications

Floor panels ICE-Y-BLUE 700™ and Device. Reg. No. 2527736.

Average Molecular Weight    

700,000 *****
Density 0.952g/cm³  
Shore D hardness 66  
Notched impact strength 50mJ/mm² *****
Abrasion index % 255 *****
Stabilised against ultra violet degradation   *****
Warranted 72 months at 8 hours per day    
 Disposal. The panels may be ground up and re-cycled or incinerated in a controlled, licensed, incinerating plant.
The Glycol, synthetic ice rink glide enhancement fluid, is also completely non-toxic and harmless.
   Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Rink  Commercial Light Duty Synthetic Rink  Commercial/Domestic Jigsaw Ice Rink Domestic Backyard/Garage/Basement Synthetic Ice Rink
  Commercial Heavy Duty Commercial Light Duty Commercial/Domestic
Domestic Backyard/Garage/
Basement on a Roll
Full Panels: 1,000mm x 750mm,
weight maximum 13.5kgs
1,000mm x 1,000mm, 
weight maximum 12kgs
1,020mm x 1,020mm, 
weight maximum 8kgs
Seamless up to 50m x 4m
Half Panels: 500mm x 750mm, 
weight maximum   7.0kgs
500mm x 1,000mm, 
weight maximum 6kgs
520mm x 1,020mm, 
weight maximum 4kgs
Machined from sinter pressed homogeneous sheets to engineering tolerances.
“H” tongues machined from similar material to suit “T” slots precisely located in panel edges (Commercial H/Duty).                 *****
*****          Important observations:-
Average Molecular Weight indicates a fine balance between abrasion resistance and hardness. Soft means the skate digs in; hard means the skate doesn’t hold an “edge”.
Notched impact strength of the material is of paramount importance in supporting the integrity of any panel connecting system. 
Abrasion resistance of the material is fundamental to the longevity of glide ability in constant use.
Ultra violet stability is of the essence to appearance and performance in open air locations.
Strength and design of any panel connecting system, including the tongues themselves, must be a major consideration in risk assessments. Gaps between panels must be avoided!
     Minimum “pull out strength” (horizontal) 6,000 kgs per linear metre (Commercial H/Duty).
     Minimum “sheer strength” (vertical) 2,000 kgs per linear metre (Commercial H/Duty).

Ice Rink Barrier System - ULTIMATE.

Specification generally:-
Straight sections 1,500mm long x 1,035mm high.
Make-up sections 1,000mm; 750mm; 500mm etc. long.
Curved sections 1,500mm long x 1,035mm high.
Rink corners 750mm x 750mm x 1,035mm high.
Entrance corners 550mm x 550mm x 1,035mm high.
All barrier components are extremely strong and durable; they bolt together and are fastened to the perimeter of the skating surface itself, or to a perimeter plate if freeform.
NB:-    On rectangular rinks two additional external corners are provided as standard at two metre wide entry/exit point to enhance rigidity as well as appearance.
            Threshold, coloured floor panels are provided at the entry/exit point.
Recommended colours:-
Cladding                                             Natural white.
Handrails, posts, kickers                     Your choice of colours:
and perimeter post plates                    Recommended Navy Blue


ICE-Y-BLUE 700™ brand products.

10 years          See our standard conditions / exclusions / limitations / jurisdictions.

 6 years          Used outdoors.

Bought in items. Individual manufacturers’ warranties.


ICE-Y-BLUE 700™ brand products.
Continuous use temperature range      -50°C to +80°C.
NB:-    In practice health and safety limitations for human beings will apply. Suggested operational temperature range being --10°C to +30°C.
Other products Continuous use temperature range
Rubber matting -50°C to +80°C
Cleaning machine -10°C to +40°C
Skate sharpener -2°C to +40°C
Glide spray unit -10°C to +80°C
Skates -10°C to +80°C
Disabled skate chair -50°C to +80°C
Light / sound poles -10°C to +80°C
Glide liquid -10°C to +40°C
Detergent 0°C to +40°C
Grinding wheels -2°C to +40°C
Diamond dressers -2°C to +40°C
Disinfectant / deodorising canisters -2°C to +40°C
NB:-    In practice health and safety limitations for human beings will apply. Suggested operational temperature range being --10°C to +30°C.
                        Suitable location surfaces
                                    Sub strata should be:-
                                                Level                           and
                                                Smooth                        and
                                                Firm                             and
                                    Constructed from:-
                                                Wood                          or
                                                Asphalt                        or
                                                Concrete                      or
                                                Tiles / paving flags.
NB:-    However, the ICE-Y-BLUE 700™ panel connecting system (Commercial H/Duty) will cope with:-
                        Gentle slopes              and
            And can be laid onto:-
                        Grass                          or
                        Aggregate                   or
                        Rolled sand                or
                        Compacted earth.
Delivery, installation supervision and initial staff training will be completed within 8 weeks from receipt of order / negotiated contract (provided of course that the site is ready to accept the NOICEONE rink). Most items are carried in stock at all times.

Synthetic Rink Portability

NB:-    Full training in installation and dismantling techniques will be given, which if followed should result in the installation of 400m2 within two days and dismantling within one day.

Suitability for the disabled

Ancillary items

Manufactured by NOICEONE:-
Bought in items:-
Consumable items to cover initial supply.


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